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Celebration for 16th anniversary

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Distinguished guests, colleagues, family members, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening, everyone!

Ancient saying: have friends come from afar, happy? Today, we gather together to celebrate the joy of harvest! First of all, on behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the guests attending the annual meeting. It is because of your strong support and help that you will be fortunate to win today; At the same time, to all the brave and aggressive colleagues, and the long-term behind the scenes for the success of the development of all the families silently dedicated to the cause of high respect and sincere thanks! Hey! It is because of your hard work and selfless dedication, fortunately the winning ship was able to ride the wind and waves, all the way forward.

The year and the hour, is the new year, changing years, the same, is our ambition. In 2018, Fortunately, while continuing to grow steadily, it is more firm in its quality appeal, integrating all parties 'resources, assembling its own advantages, improving its quality and service, and striving to create the "first honest brand in the wet towel industry"! Therefore, I hope that I can win my colleagues and work together to achieve a few points:

First of all, we must clearly define our mission, set clear goals, have a strong will, and never waver in the face of any difficulties.

Secondly, we must show strong enthusiasm, give full play to the combat effectiveness of the team, and maintain strong morale and vitality;

Finally, we should focus on the four major management elements of "setting goals, making plans, setting plans, and making clear responsibilities" to continuously strengthen the concept of organization, planning and coordination, and the concept of system operation. Only by cherishing the opportunities given by the times, cherishing the dynamism of the industry, and cherishing the achievements and platforms provided in 2010, will we be able to win again for ourselves in the new year!

After nine years of rain and rain, he pushed Ma Yang to look forward. Looking ahead, difficulties and hopes go hand in hand, and challenges and opportunities coexist. We will firmly seize the grand opportunity of thousands of sails to compete, adapt to the tide of market economic development, with the courage of the sea, rain and rain, all the way forward to create a more brilliant tomorrow! "The mountain is high for the peak", let us climb the peak bravely in the new year!

Finally, I sincerely wish all friends, colleagues and family members all the best, good health, happy family,! I wish you a better tomorrow! Hey!

Thank you!

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